Aanchal Ghai Notary Corporation

Notary Public of British Columbia

Aanchal Ghai Notary Corporation

At Aanchal Ghai Notary Corporation, our approach is centered on building lasting relationships with our clients. We do this by fully understanding their needs and providing them with an effective and timely service. We are a small and smart team of professionals, meticulous with every aspect of our notarial practice because we believe when people place their papers with us, it’s not just papers but their TRUST in our hands!

We assist businesses and individuals with their legal needs in areas of Residential Conveyancing, Sale & Purchase of Property, and Mortgages.

About Aanchal Ghai

Having spent my early career years in India, I moved to Canada in 2010 and continued my teaching career with my continuing passion to serve my community. I obtained my Teaching Certification from Simon Fraser University and went on to wear multiple hats that shaped my career and life. As a teacher, I have been running my own tutoring academy in Surrey, BC to help struggling as well as ambitious learners achieve their full potential. Alongside, I’ve shouldered some critical responsibilities of my husband's immigration venture, serving as a reliable point of contact for countless seekers of help and guidance.

After a strong academic foundation of two years at Simon Fraser University to receive my Masters in Applied Legal Studies, I was commissioned in 2018 as a Public Notary by the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia.

Today, I continue in the same direction as I started years ago—working with a passion to serve my community.