Many official signed documents need to be notarized to be valid. Our service is organized, efficient and quick. We can often notarize a document even without an appointment, although we always recommend calling us to book time. We conduct notarizations daily, and we pass the efficiencies onto you, alongside the savings!


One of the most important responsibilities of a Notary Public is to Notarize documents. The documents that could require Notarization:

  • Notarization or Certification (witnessing) of signatures for documents
  • Certified Copies of original documents
    (Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Passports, Permanent Residence Cards, Landing Documents, etc.)
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Drafting Affidavits or Statutory Declarations
  • Completing Declaration In Lieu of Guarantor forms for passport applications
  • Administration of Oaths
  • Solemn Affirmations
  • Pharmacare Affidavits
  • Custodianship Declarations
  • Name Change Affidavits
  • Visitation Letters
  • Travel Consent Letters
  • Life Certificates
  • New Home Warranty Application Affidavits

We are a smart team of professionals, meticulous with every aspect of our notarial practice. We assist businesses and individuals with their legal needs in areas of Residential Conveyancing, Sale & Purchase of Property, and Mortgages.