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We offer a number of affordable options to give you peace of mind in knowing that your family will be taken care of the way you want. We can provide this through wills and power of attorneys. A personal legal team will walk you through the transaction from beginning to end. Our services are personal, trusted and values-based.


A Will refers to the process which involves organizing, preserving and protecting a person's assets for posterity. It also includes preparation of applications for Grant of Probate and subsequently transmitting the estate to the beneficiaries.
A Will is a legally binding and enforceable document stating what to do with all your property post your death. Wills can be simple, where all property is transferred to one or two beneficiaries; or it could be complex, involving many disparate beneficiaries, complex property transactions and various conditions.
While drafting a Will, it is imperative to discuss the goals and intentions of the Testator for the future and then be told of all possible options that exist to ensure their loved ones are provided for in the easiest, cost-effective and tax-advantageous manner.
A Will combined with a Power of Attorney or Representation Agreement provides a full, well-rounded strategy in preparing for the future and ideally all documents must be obtained together at the same time.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document naming a specific person to manage all your property and financial affairs in one’s absence. There are two kinds of Power of Attorney - a Special Power of Attorney, wherein authority can be limited to specific tasks; and a General Power of Attorney, which gives rights to the person who has been appointed to handle all affairs of the individual. Plus, a Power of Attorney can be temporary, with affixed time line, for instance by someone who is going away for some time, or it can be permanent, in cases of an ageing parent or spouse.

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