About Ghai Notary Public in Surrey, B.C

We started Ghai Notary with a singular goal: deliver the best Notary Public service in all of British Columbia. Read more about how our team plans to achieve that goal.

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100% Free Advice

We don’t charge for advice, because offering value first is how you get a lifetime client.

People purchase goods or services when the value offered exceeds the payment requested. So long as that fact is true, people will gladly pay for something. Our goal at Ghai Notary is to provide you so much value up-front that there’s no question who you’ll go with when you need your document notarized.

Immediate Notarizations & Advice

Our service is fast and our Notary Public is knowledgeable.

Most people that need documents notarized need them notarized now, not in two weeks. We happily work with walk-ins, last minute requests, and phone consultations. On top of that, our head Notary Public, Aanchal Ghai, is extremely good at what she does. You’re in good hands. So, feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the notary services. We will provide you the best solutions and guide you through all the processes.

Friendly, Relaxing Atmosphere

A warm, beautiful office in Payal Business Center. Kind staff.

Notarizations can be stressful – there’s so much you need to take into account when getting an important document signed. Our goal is to minimize that stress, and provide a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Our Staff

Meet the people that make Ghai Notary Public what it is.

Aanchal Ghai

Notary Public

Gurpreet Sharma

Advisor & Administrator

Real Estate Notarizations

Many of our clients are real estate agents, lawyers, and homeowners looking for high quality conveyancing services.

Wills & Estates

Aanchal Ghai, our in-house Notary Public, is an expert on wills & estates.

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